DBL Tank Services is the one stop location for all your trailer needs

From start to finish, DBL Tank Services prides itself in doing the job right.

Whether it be fixing a simple crack or completely rebuilding a tank, DBL treats all repairs and modifications with equal importance. When it comes to repairing or modifying a tank or trailer, DBL offers unparalleled flexibility to meet the ever changing needs of the tank industry. Besides repairs, DBL also offers preventative & general maintenance programs, meter calibrations, HM 183 Testing & Inspections, FHWA Inspections, and much, much more. With an in-house fabrication department and a large selection of stock items, DBL is sure to be your one stop location for all of your trailer needs.

National Board “R” Stamp Certificate #5221 D.O.T. Reg# CT-7756

Testing and Inspections

DBL is a certified testing and inspection station that has full-time staff dedicated to the testing and inspection of your unit. Whether it be HM 183 Testing and Inspections or an FHWA Inspection, DBL can get you in and out in as little time as possible.


From replacing worn out brake shoes, re-bushing, or converting your trailer suspension from spring to an air ride; DBL can do it all. DBL uses quality suspension parts such as the Hendrickson Intraxx Air Ride Suspension and the Reyco 21B Spring Suspension. Whatever your suspension needs are DBL will be there to get the job done right.

Frame Repairs

DBL is well known for its frame repair work. With our in-house fabrication department, DBL offers unparalleled flexibility when it comes to frame repairs and modifications. Whether it be duplicating an existing tank frame, converting one from carbon steel to stainless steel or from mild steel to aluminum, DBL will meet the needs of its customers.

Besides complete rebuilds, DBL also offers frame extension work as-well-as re-engineering poorly designed frames. No job is too big or too small when it comes to frame repair. Whether it’s fixing a crack or rebuilding an entire frame, the same precision and detail is given to every job.


Since its inception, DBL’s goal has been to offer professional and expert service to the tank industry while offering unparalleled flexibility to meet the needs of its customers. Modifications offered, but not limited to are:

  • Spring to Air Ride Suspension
  • Cabinets
  • Vapor Recovery
  • Bulk Transport Trailer Modified to Remove Mini-Bulk
  • PTO Wet Line Systems
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Food Grade Pumps
  • Tank Stretching
  • Manifold Systems for Gasoline Trailers
  • Steel to Stainless Steel Tandem and/or Frame
As hauling needs change, DBL will be there to assist you and your company to meet those changes. With professional advice and quality workmanship, DBL can help solve any problem you might have.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

DBL offers a wide array of maintenance programs:

  • Tractor A & B Service
  • FHWA
  • Trailer PM Programs
  • Petroleum Home Delivery PM
  • Brakes
  • Customized PM Program designed by DBL and your company
  • DBL Summer PM Program (designed for home heating oil delivery trucks)

DBL works with many companies in designing and implementing a precise PM program to exactly meet their needs. Whatever your company’s needs are, DBL will strive to meet them.

Major Barrel Repair

Whether it be a 3A Sanitary W2 Finish or ASME certified, you’ll never know your trailer had barrel work done. From a simple crack to a complete rebuild, DBL can handle it all. With ASME accreditation, DBL is the barrel repair specialist to meet all the needs of your company.


Let DBL help you get the load off quicker with hydraulic technology. DBL offers specialized hydraulics for the chemical, food grade, pneumatic, and petroleum transportation industry. From custom remote controlled operated hydraulic systems to the installation of the PTO and pump on your tractor, DBL can engineer and install it all. DBL can also trouble shoot any problems that you might have with your hydraulic system and fix it. Whether it be a complete overhaul or replacing a broken hydraulic line, no job is too big or too small for DBL to handle.

Fuel Delivery Truck Repair & Meter Calibration

DBL is the one stop location for your fuel delivery truck needs. With staff on hand dedicated to the repair and calibration of fuel delivery trucks, DBL ensures professional and quality service. Whether your unit needs a new hose reel, a crack repaired, new gaskets, or the meter needs recalibrated; DBL can get the job done.

Accident Damage

From broken outriggers to major roll-overs, DBL repairs accident damage on a regular basis and gets your tank or trailer back into service as-soon-as possible. DBL offers free estimates on accident damage and deals with all major insurance companies. When available, DBL offers rental units so that your company can reduce downtime when a trailer is out of service. For more information on accident damage repair and what DBL has to offer, please call or email us today.

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